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Welcome to the Reggie Miles "Teacher in the Pocket"  Website. This is my 10th year on the  Web and a brand new look for the site. On this website you will find information about the Legendary DJ, Hall of Fame Gospel Announcer Reggie Miles and his interests. Mr. Miles is a gifted teacher, gospel historian, radio announcer, soul music historian, audio engineer, Co-Founder of the Howard Media Group, member AES(Audio Engineering Society), BEA (Broadcast Education Association) devoted husband and father. This site was developed to communicate with his students and the world.



Reggie Miles’s professional career has roots in music, radio, and audio, for over 40 years, these career experiences  helped to shape a gifted instructor deeply interested in his students.  Mr. Miles’s utilized his expertise in radio and audio recording to create supplemental learning aids distributed by the Internet to assist students in the classroom. His research work with podcasting and social network sites has been presented at conferences across the country including the Broadcast Education Association, the Southern States Communication Association and the Western Social Science Association. He published the article Podcasting A Supplemental Learning aid in the Broadcast Education Association Journal FeedBack. Professor Miles is the 2010 winner of the Howard University Teaching with Technology Award for his application of Podcasting and Facebook in the classroom.